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The Wanderer

This is a recording of the magnificent 115 line elegy found in the Anglo-Saxon Exeter Book written in the 10th century. I have made the closest and most faithful translation, and my recording of this is followed by that of the original Old English text.

I have embellished my translation with pipe music, and the Old English has interludes on a 10-string harp.

It is my boast that in these performances I have demonstrated the true - though much debated and obscured - rhythm of all Old English poetry, including of course that of ‘Beowulf’ itself.

This wonderful lament is part of the matter that Tolkien drew on in writing his ‘Lord of the Rings’ and is a sure path to take to his ‘Middle-earth’.

Listen to the opening line of the poem, firstly in my own translation, and then in the original Old English.

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