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Poetry Man....

....and his Woman and Agent

With the Exeter Book
at Exeter Cathedral

A Pulse of Flame

Feeling the Pulse of Flame

Chard Dancer

Old Dunelmian Reunion 2007

Prebends Bridge, Durham

Bird Woman spots Green Man,
Durham Cathedral Cloisters

Dr. Acorn, Ledbury 2006

In Dog Wood

On the Dragon’s Back,

Show poster design 1990's

Doris, Sparrow Lane Allotments 2007

My Old Dutch making an omelette

Mevrouw Anne Nauta at Tattondale

Silkies - Wernlas Collection

Ammonite, Seatown Dorset


Organic carrots
(Amsterdam Forcing)

Croft Party with our guests
Susan Maingay and Christopher Tribble