In June 2006 I applied to the Electoral Commission to register The True English (Poetry) Party.

The Regulations require that a Party's Name be no more than six words long and that it will not be confusing the electors and is not obscene or offensive.

Up to three Party Emblems may be registered.

A Party must register a Leader, Treasurer and Nominating Oficer, and may also register other Officers, but there must be at least two people registered as Officers of the Party.

Applications must include a copy of the Party's Constitution or Rule Book, but there are no requirements as to what this document should include.

A Party must provide a Financial Statement. Registration costs 150.00.

The True English (Poetry) Party was registered in August with myself as Leader, Treasurer and Nominating Officer, and with Ms Dorli Nauta as the Party's official Party Helpmate.

This is the Party's 'Constitution':

This is the Party's Emblem:

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