In May 2005 I wrote several letters to the Editor of The Knutsford Guardian asking for an explanation as to why I had been excluded from the forum of the candidates opinions in the edition of the paper prior to the General Election. No explanation was given.

In June I made a complaint to the Press Complaints Commission:

The Commission decided thus:

In its accompanying letter it reiterated its regulation that a decision itself may not be appealed against, only the manner in which a complaint has been handled.

The Knutsford Guardian subsequently published this account of the matter:

I wrote the following letter to the Editor:

I pressed my complaint to the Press Complaints Commission, and the Knutsford Guardian made this initial response:

I wrote further to the Commission and the result was this offer from the Knutsford Guardian:

I replied as follows:

This was the response:

I wrote further:

A fortnight later the Press Complaints Commission agreed to reconsider the case, and I re-presented it thus:

The Commission adjudicated thus:

I then wrote to the Chairman:

This was Sir Christopher's reply:

I replied as follows:

Sir Christopher responded:

I replied:

Sir Christopher returned:

I concluded the correspondance thus:

So it was that the toothless and ball-less Press Compliance Commission conspired with a bunch of lying axxxxxxxs at The Knutsford Guardian and tried to dampen the ardour of the nascent True English (Poetry) Party. Good riddance to them.

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